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Environmental Policy

In all of its activities, the CFU is committed to protecting the environment, continuous improvement, effective use of natural resources, full compliance with the laws and prevention of pollution, priority reduction and separation of wastes generated during their activities, recycling and recycling.

To prevent environmental pollution;

  • Taking into account the environmental factors in production of new products and projects,

  • Investigation of those who have less pollutant properties in order to reduce the use of harmful substances in product supply processes,

  • To minimize the occurrence of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes in our plants and facilities, and to ensure the disposal and recycling of wastes by safe methods,

  • Identifying and mitigating risks for environmental emergencies,

  • Continuously improving the environmental management system and measuring its performance,

  • Saving energy, water and natural resources to increase productivity and promote the use of new technology,

  • Activities will be organized regularly in order to raise environmental awareness.

CFU undertakes that it will follow the decisions taken in this context by continuously renewing the Environmental Policy considering the conditions and developments of the day and ensuring the continuity of the improvements.

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