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ATS specializes in export, import, sales, consultancy, integration and technical support of advanced testing equipment, software and systems designed according to customer needs. It creates turnkey integrated solution packages for customers and provides technical support in international projects. The main focus of the company is geophysical systems, materials testing and analytical equipment to be used in laboratories or in the field. It designs and integrates full advanced technology solutions for customers.

It is a well-known German company that produces geophysical instruments such as resistance meters, seismometers, core recorders, borehole scanners, mainly used in mining, geology and petroleum engineering. DMT is a global group of 14 engineering and consulting firms with 30 offices worldwide, offering interdisciplinary services in four markets: Mining, Oil & Gas, Civil Engineering and Infrastructure and Plant Engineering.

GEORADIS has completed more than 30 years of knowledge and experience with a young, well-coordinated team of researchers and engineers. The focus is on equipment design for detection of ionizing radiation, identification of sources and determination of intensity. In 2009, GEORADIS was ISO 9001 certified. In the same year, certification was extended to include the construction of new devices. The interaction between designers and some customers helps develop the product portfolio. Manufactures radiation detection and magnetic susceptibility equipment used in geophysics and peripherals.

Mount Sopris is actively working with many industries to improve itself and push the boundaries of the geosystem. In order to provide better service to customers, it has established manufacturing partnership with Luxembourg Advanced Technology Association (ALT). Mount Sopris manufactures geophysical equipment for underground exploration. Its products include drilling rig equipment for groundwater, mining, research, geotechnics and other applications.

Radiation Solutions Inc. is a company based in Mississauga, Canada. Radiation Solutions Inc specializes in nuclear instrumentation for the detection, measurement and analysis of low-level ionized radiation, both natural and human.

Rms Instruments specializes in the research, development and production of industrial grade data recording equipment, testing and measuring instruments and geophysical exploration systems.

KMS Technologies is a division of Texas KJT Enterprises Inc. and focuses on increasing the discovery and improvement factor of advanced electromagnetic methods for the oil industry. The service offers R & D projects and various unique hardware and software products.

IDS GeoRadar offers products and solutions for geophysics, mining, civil engineering and security applications. Founded in 1980 in Pisa, Italy as part of the IDS Ingegneria dei System, the company was recently acquired by Hexagon. With a commitment to continuous research and development, IDS GeoRadar provides professionals with innovative products using the latest technologies and original solutions. Over the years, the company has pioneered radar technologies for civilian applications as groundbreaking products in this field.

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