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CFU International provides turn-key laboratory installation, field measurement devices, mobile laboratory installation, calibration and maintenance services in public institutions and organizations, universities, institutes all around the country with its nearly 40 brands that it is representative and authorized service.

Government Institutions and Organizations

Bazı Üniversiteler ve Enstitüler

  • World Bank Project, International Tender 1988

2,2 million GBP Project that included laboratory equipment for the construction, asphalt, structure, hydrology and surveying laboratories of 7 Vocational Schools in Turkey


  • Bechtel – Enka 1989

7 site laboratories for construction of Ankara – Gerede Highway


  • World Bank Project, International Tender 1994

6 million GBP Project in modernizing pilot engineering faculties in Turkey that includes construction, concrete, pavement, food technology and petrochemical laboratories


  • British Aid Project, International Tender 1994-1995

67 million GBP Project in modernizing engineering faculties of 34 universities and formation of new faculties that included construction, asphalt, mineral, geology, surveying, oil & petrol research, food technology, earthquake research departments


  • World Bank Project, International Tender 1996-1997

14 million USD Project in forming new faculties in Turkey. Included civil engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive, hydrology laboratories


  • Middle East Technical University 2000

9.5 million USD project, turnkey delivery of METU Techno-city R&D center’s all labs that include chemistry, petrol, food technology, construction, asphalt, structure, hydrology and hydraulic laboratories


  • Alarko, Kazakhstan 2003

4 on site asphalt quality control laboratories for a highways project


  • Bechtel Romania – Enka Autostrada Transilvania Project, 2003

Included central and on site mobile laboratories for the construction of the biggest highway in Romania


  • Department of Highways 2004-2008

Technical Research Department’s soil, asphalt, pavement, concrete, bituminous mixtures, rock and materials laboratories
Superpave implementation in asphalt design
Numerous equipment to 17 regional laboratories
Strain controlled material testing system to 3 regional laboratories


  • GAP Pazarlama, Turkmenistan 2005

Concrete and asphalt test laboratories for a construction project


  • Grevena, Greece Europe Aid Project, International Tender 2005

Development Agency of Grevena, Greece. Turnkey furnishing of 2 laboratories for earthquake research and structural integrity of buildings


  • Azerbaijan 2006-2007

FHN (Natural Disasters Ministry) Quality Control & Testing Laboratories


  • Al Fateh University, Libya 2008

Turnkey delivery of Civil Engineering & Pharmaceutical faculty laboratories to the construction company that is building the university. (Installation and commissioning phase.)


  • Erbil, Iraq (Kurdish region), Private Contractor 2009

Turnkey delivery of structural quality control laboratory. (Installation and commissioning phase.)


  • ECOU, Libya 2010

Turnkey delivery of concrete, soil mechanics & rock laboratory.

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