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Geotechnical Measurement

Geocomp provides comprehensive geo-structural design and performance monitoring services to customers throughout the US and around the world. It provides you with a better understanding of structural and geotechnical material behavior, combining performance monitoring technologies, and providing innovative and robust geo-structural solutions to better control the risk and cost of projects.

Geotek is a group of companies consisting of Geotek Ltd., Geotek Coring Ltd. and Geotek Coring Inc. It has been manufacturing Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) systems for over 20 years. The Geotek group of companies uses geophysical and geochemical sensors and core sample measuring devices to provide equipment sales and services to science and industry worldwide.

To access information files for different applications of GEOTEK products:

APAGEO was founded in 1984. The company initially started to produce the renowned Ménard pressure gauge and then became the flagship company in its sector both nationally and internationally. Since its inception, Apageo has enriched its portfolio and developed the know-how to meet the best customer needs. Apageo, an innovative leader in its field, has always invested in R & D and used most of its results in the implementation of production tools.

Earth System is a design, manufacturing and marketing company in the field of instrumentation, data loggers and software for the transmission and management of geotechnical, environmental and structural monitoring measurements. The business model is based entirely on the search for quality and innovation. The rigorous selection of suppliers and the quality control of the production processes ensure that they offer instruments that meet the highest quality standards imposed by the market.

ANCO shaking tables are named in honor of the Maori earthquake god Ruaumoko. ANCO finds this explanation somewhat consistent with the elastic rebound theory of earthquake causation. According to Maori mythology, Ruaumoko's birth struggles shook her mother, causing earthquakes. In his honor, the names of the shake table models begin with the letter 'R'.

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