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Education Services

CFU provides the training of your personnel, information services on new models and advanced applications for the effective and appropriate use of the products you purchase in accordance with your project, the operation in your field or facility and your work schedule.


It is the service of accompanying your personnel during your on-site assembly, installation, zero reading and testing processes and ensuring that the installation and readings are carried out in accordance with both the procedures of the devices and the project and specifications.

Periodic Measurement

It includes the services of preparing the reports by making the necessary measurements in your field or facilities with our own machinery, and presenting them to you and third parties with the necessary graphics and tables.


It covers the follow-up of your work areas and the work you are doing in the national and international arena, and your necessary accreditation and approval processes.


It includes our manufacturer-supported calibration services so that your products continue to work properly and that the measurement data received is healthy and reliable. With authorized personnel, approved calibration devices are used in the accredited facility.


It covers the services of periodic maintenance and controls of your products, repairs when necessary, and the supply of spare parts according to the demands of our customers.

Calibration services for devices in the product range that require periodic calibration are provided by CFU International. Calibration service can be provided on-site or in our Ankara factory, as well as by foreign manufacturers when necessary. On-site service and maintenance support can be provided by our expert field teams, and device maintenance is provided in our Ankara factory when necessary. After-sales training of the products, installation of devices and sets for laboratory or field use, and initial operation of the products in all product groups that we undertake the sale of, which are under our responsibility of the brands we represent, are carried out by our company's expert engineers and technical personnel.

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