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Our Human Resources Policy

Our corporate culture, where mutual trust and ethical values are at the forefront, is the basis of our human resources policy. CFU operates in many different sectors; Flexible human resources policies that support growth targets and strategies are determined.

Our basic human resources policy is to create an environment that will increase the motivation and loyalty of the employees, to invest in the development of the employees, to create the policies and technical information necessary for the protection and development of this environment, to make our company attractive for qualified personnel, to protect our qualified personnel.


CFU International, which is rapidly growing day by day with its young, dynamic and qualified employees, carries its products and services to the perfect line it targets and proves its achievements in national and international fields, also makes a difference with the value it attaches to its employees.

You can send your CV to "" to become a member of the CFU family and to have a share in the success of this family.

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