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CFU International Foreign Trade and Services Inc. We aim to provide our customers with first-class service to meet the needs of the industry in the areas of Asset Management, Reliability and Condition Monitoring. In line with this goal, the ultrasound field with experience of over 40 years in leading positions in the world by partnering with the SDT Ultrasound manufacturers of Turkey sustainable needs in the field of maintenance activities in the industry and is supported by a long-term partnership, factory maintenance team of world-class we bring equipment and instructors.

Review SDT's wide range of products to identify your current needs for deploying or expanding Predictive Maintenance applications, supporting your business's energy-saving practices, and ensuring end product quality control or ship hatch cover sealing. With SDT, data can be collected from the following areas, analyzed and reported with graphics:

  1. Bearings, gearboxes and couplings (Ultrasound - Vibration - Thermal)

  2. Condition-based lubrication (Ultrasound - Thermal)

  3. Pressure or vacuum leaks (Ultrasound)

  4. Electrical jumps (Ultrasound - Thermal)

  5. Valves and pump cavitation (Ultrasound)

  6. Steam traps (Ultrasound - Thermal)

  7. Hydraulics (Ultrasound)

  8. Sealing of confined spaces (Ultrasound)



Akustik Yağlama Çözümleri

SDT Ultrasound in Turkey as the sole distributor and authorized service center, in line with our principled stance as noted above, those of our solution partnership began supplying device; training of personnel to use the instrument, granting of necessary technical and calibration support in Turkey, certified and expert trainers provided on-site training, weekly online training, continuous and in order to be sustainable "Ultrasound Partnership" within the framework of domestic and foreign regular intervals company visits of trainers, Level 1 2, We continue with CAT I-II Ultrasound certification training.


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