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Laboratory furniture that can be easily reconfigured to adapt to changing conditions to facilitate the use of heavy research equipment and extend laboratory life. They are systems designed to adapt to current laboratory equipment and are flexible for the future. Systems suitable for the internal infrastructure are used in the distribution of the needs (gas, water, electricity) for the laboratory. Necessary visual studies can be done with 3D and 2D models in the development and presentation of furniture systems.

Interlab, which started its activities in 1983, has been a company that trusts its high-quality products, attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and service quality, and carries the strength from the past to the future since its establishment.

With its innovative approach and entrepreneurial vision, Interlab is dedicated to providing its customers with the latest products and solutions for daily work in universities, healthcare institutions, laboratories and research and applications in various industries. Its success as the leader of the entire laboratory consumables market in addition to analytical and life science chemicals in Turkey is a clear indication of the customer trust it has achieved.

Combining the forces of the best quality with the foresight character, enriching them with 37 years of comprehensive knowledge and offering all these at reasonable prices, Interlab positions itself as the leading company of the sector with its branches, private subsidiaries and 250 expert personnel who make up the largest sales and marketing team in the sector.

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