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SDT340 Data Collection Device and

UAS 3.0 Analysis Software

Ultrasound testing (UT) is a key element to a successful Asset Management program. Thanks to this technology, it ensures that the reliability created in your factory and the savings in your operating costs are at world standards.
SDT270 detects leaks in your systems quickly and easily so that you can achieve substantial energy savings. Another application for SDT270; It is a bearing Condition Monitoring application, especially for oil optimization. It allows you to do this at the optimum level while lubricating a bearing with the SDT270. Thus, you prevent friction, premature wear, heat increase and efficiency losses.
Also; With SDT270, you can easily and safely detect dangerous electrical leaks such as arc, tracking and corona.
With ULTRANALYSIS @ SUITE (UAS) and SDT270, which are constantly updated, you can benefit from the advantages of ultrasound technology to overcome problems in a wide variety of application areas.

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Ultrason programınızı özelleştirmenin, size yerinde yardımcı olan sertifikalı bir eğitmene sahip olmaktan daha iyi bir yolu yoktur. Eğitmeniniz, tesisinizdeki ultrason uygulamalarında size yol gösterir ve durum bazlı bir izleme programı geliştirmenize yardımcı olur. Bu bağlamda çözüm ortaklarımızı, dünya standartlarında eğitim alabilecekleri sertifikalı eğitimciler ile buluşturuyoruz. 

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